Matt Walrath

I help people who do CrossFit reach their body composition goals faster so they can focus on what they really want- performance and PR’s. I also help competitive exercisers and CrossFit athletes pursue optimal performance and recovery through diet & lifestyle tweaks.

By looking at your lifestyle and analyzing your biomarkers through state-of-the art lab testing I can help you create a targeted approach to feel superhuman.

Now for the obligatory third-person version of the “about me” section…



Matt blazed the long and difficult trail from a short and skinny kid who rode the bench in every sport to an All-American Lacrosse player with opportunities to play professionally. CrossFit and nutrition were key pieces of this transformation.

Matt discovered CrossFit back in 2006 and earned his CrossFit Level-1 a few years later. This led him to start studying nutrition after it helped him personally have the energy to excel in both college athletics and academics.

He is the owner of Beyond Macros, a nutrition coaching company that helps CrossFitters get leaner, stronger and perform their best without going on a restrictive diet.

He is currently based out of Paradiso CrossFit in Los Angeles, CA and has helped everyone from athletes preparing for the CrossFit Games to overworked CEOs and startup founders achieve their goals through a mix of intelligent training, optimal nutrition, and taking a look at biomarkers to uncover hidden stressors contributing to their state of poor health.

He uses a unique approach to fitness that focuses on realistic and sustainable lifestyle changes based on good science.

You can find more from Matt on the blog, and his articles on barbend.com where he simplifies advanced nutrition and movement concepts to deliver bite-sized information and actions that you can take to reach your goals in record time.



  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
  • Precision Nutrition Coach
  • CrossFit Level-1
  • Functional Movement Screen 1 & 2